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We will get you started with brand designs or packaging designs to share before your product or service even really exists. First stage designs and development stages will give you what you need to talk with perspective clients and customers with confidence. Then come back to us once you want them turning into artwork to go to print and finally become reality.
It need not stop there. We can help with website design & build, social media imagery, exhibitions.
We can turn our hands to pretty much anything that requires visual communication.
 Styles and complexity are subject to budgets but to give you a guide, please see budgets examples.
A good design brief is the stepping stone to creating a successful brand or packaging design. We start the process by gathering information from you about your product or service.
Fill in as much of the briefing document as you can. It will help you focus on what you want to portray, the tone & voice and who you want it to connect with. It gives us an insight in to your thought process. We see what inspires you and where you see your company or products in the future. That way we can try to
future-proof your brand.
We will then start gathering great inspiration. You may already have started that yourself in places like Pinterest. Please share those thoughts too. The moodboards will help us scope your market and also get inside your head, learn about your likes and dislikes. We can then design in confidence that we will design within those parameters and your tastes. The collection of moodboards will build and build. We will upload new ones on a regular basis - so go look!
This is where is starts to get really exciting! We will produce different design options for choice that answer the design brief. Each option will be completely different and not just a variation on the same theme. We would recommend between 3 to 6 options depending on the budget you have available.
Each will be presenting so they look 'real' and you can start to share with potential clients and customers.
This stage is not always required but in many cases, once you view our first stage design presentation, clients often want to get involved in the design process themselves. It may be that you want to try combining different elements from one or more designs or try different colour combinations​. It is the fine tuning of the concept.
From the design development stage we then create hi-res final artwork suitable for despatch to the printer. This includes creating master elements as required, converting the job to match the print specification and also finalising all mandatory and legal copy requirements. We can liase directly with the printer on your behalf if needed.
We can help with other requirements, for example sales brochures and other materials, websites and imagery for social media, POS & exhibitions. We can help you present a consistent brand vision and hold your hand along the journey. We have built a collection of recommended printers and other suppliers over the last 25 years and are happy to put you in touch, making those decisions a little easier too. 

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