Luckily Barbara's husband just happened to work in our shared office space and we had done some work for her in the past for her solicitor business. When we got a call saying she wanted to brief us on a new project, naturally we were rather pleased. (those working for yourself, know that feeling well.)


We didn't expect it to be a brief for her new venture, artisan jams & preserves

- woo hoo, what a project! Started off with moodboards and she just loved the icon of the bear on a bicycle. So with that inspiration and a mutual love of tags, we designed the Gribbin & Bear brand for her and the artworks for her very first labels. 

"I've had so many people saying how much they love the branding that I lost count months ago. The key was talking about and understanding the image and feel I wanted to portray. You and Simon listened and delivered."


Jools and his wife got in touch, initially asking us to 'tickle up' a design they had produced for themselves and proudly placed their jar on the table. (their own before and after photo)

It was difficult to know how to be honest with a brand new client but very politely, we asked if we could redesign it instead  They had so much enthusiasm and a great vision for the Nowt Poncy brand. Such a huge ambition needed a brand to live up to it.

It was a fantastic project to work on and we knew we had successfully created their dream when Karen, with tears in her eyes said - 'you've made our company 'real!' 

"I remember when we came to look at all the ideas you had come up with and being blown away by how you saw our little company. Made me feel that we were a real company with real products and a real vision! Thank-you."

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